We are dealers of Fireward Automatic Fire Suppression, providing UK Sales, installations & after service.

Why Choose Fire Supression?

Fire suppression systems are becoming increasingly more popular all around the world due to their outstanding benefits. Based upon the principle of ‘Prevention is much better than a cure’, these systems provide fast, on-site protection from fire, allowing for immediate response during those initial critical minutes.

Replacing or repairing your plant machinery can be costly, both to your margins and to your operations. We have expert engineers who can tailor any of our fire suppression systems and suppressants to your requirements. With design and installation for any of your mobile or industrial plant, you no longer need to fear the risks which fuels and electrical sparks pose. Our engineers operate across the UK, designing and installing direct & indirect release systems to individual machines, vehicles & electrical cabinets.



Early detection and quick response

Fire suppression systems provide fast, on-site protection at the earliest stage of a fire. Depending upon the detection package installed, the system response could be immediate or time delayed.


Safe and easy to use

Since fire suppression systems activate automatically, they are safe and easy to use. Systems do not require human intervention although we do provide a manual override option in case of an emergency.


Eliminates fuel source

The fuel or electrical source of a fire often continues to feed the fire after it has ignited. We can provide fire suppression systems to eliminate the fuel source automatically.


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Direct Release Fire Suppression Systems

Targeting the source of a fire immediately can help to protect your expensive equipment, preventing further damage without having to flood an entire room. With direct release fire suppression, you can secure your assets and minimise the impact of a fire on your operations.

Direct systems work through installing a suppressant delivery tube, then, at the closest point to the fire, the tube will rupture, putting the pressure out of balance and releasing a dedicated suppressant to put the fire out – taking 10 seconds or less to react.

This quick response can easily protect your valuable assets and prevent further damage by limiting the area in which the suppressant is released.

Indirect Release Fire Suppression Systems

Where larger areas require protection from fire, indirect release fire suppression systems are ideal. Wherever you are based in the UK, we design and install indirect release systems to help you protect vital equipment, machinery, vehicles and your premises.

With a trace tube to detect the fire, a rupture will allow pressure to drop, triggering the release of suppressant from strategically placed nozzles. The area in which the fire is situated will then be smothered to quickly tackle the fire.

Fires can be costly for any business in any industry, but by stopping fires before they can take hold you can secure your operations and protect your valuable assets.

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