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This trim 3D excavator system provides you with modern tools when excavating complex slopes or "in the blind." Every bucket movement made is tracked in real-time, delivering you the information needed to reach grade immediately.

The purpose-built X53i system allows you to work independently - the software quickly directs you to centrelines and guides your bucket to grade. If you’re looking to keep your schedule on track and streamline tasks this is the system for you.


Improve your Excavating Workflow and Productivity

3D machine control workflows improve the productivity, accuracy and profitability of excavator projects. Productivity improvements of 30% or more are common. Topcon delivers the most advanced and precise GPS positioning technology coupled with advanced sensors, controllers and easy-to-use on-board software. The operator experiences the workflow benefits on day one and every day using the system.

Configured as an “Indicate” system, X-53x provides real-time, dynamic on-screen bucket location and design view. This allows the operator dig right to grade every time. Upgrading to the optional “Automatic” configuration makes the system smart and easy by hydraulically controlling the digging depth and bucket angle, making a pro operator faster and better and making a novice dig like a pro.

► Cut grade faster and more accurately

► Create, cut, and check complex designs from the cab

► Increase safety by removing grade checker from the trench

► Indicate and Automatic options

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