We are dealers of GKD safety systems. GKD Technologies are the leading provider of systems designed to safeguard personnel and machines in the construction & railway industries, offering systems such as overload warning, height limiting, slew limiting and other motion control products.

These assist operatives to use the machinery safely, particularly in restricted areas, and within the safe capabilities of the equipment itself.

We have a range of products available to meet various applications & budgets. We install, service & maintain all systems.

GKD Height Limiter (1HLi)

Simple, accurate, cost-effective height limiting system suitable for self- installation. 1HLI will protect workers from overhead danger when it is difficult to judge the actual height of the machine or the position of the booms from the cab.

GKD SensorSlew (1SL)

SensorSlew allows the machine operator to quickly and easily set left and right slew limits from the operator station, and then restricts the machine to working within the permitted slew sector.

GKD 2RCI (Rated Capacity Indicator) with Height & Slew limiter

The 2RCi is designed to increase safety during lifting operations, using the latest technology in software to give the highest performance.

The 2RCi can be used as a visual and audible operator alert, or for full lifting control with overload moment and motion cutting of the appropriate machine equipment. An external alarm and visual beacon can be fitted to warn external operatives of the system condition.

GKD SensorSafe Height & slew limiter

GKD Technologies new, advanced Height and Slew limiter system combines our proven height limiting algorithms and precise slew position measurement to create 1 complete product. The system can provide Height only, Slew only or Combined Height and Slew limiting through different configurations and licence options.

GKD SensorZone (Proximity warning)

Safety must be a priority on site. Firstly, to protect lives and equipment and secondly to avoid expensive down time caused by dealing with accidents and the aftermath. SensorZone is a risk alert system designed to protect the human and mechanical workforce from avoidable incidents.

SensorZone Specification